CTW-healthFocus on healthcare providers such as specialty physicians in sleep medicine, pain, pulmonary, and even primary care. Connecting physicians with other physicians is our specialty. Well respected in the medical and dental industry can help increase referrals and help cultivate relationships.

CTW-digitalCTW Digital team of developers help our clients create Mobile Applications for Apple and Android OS systems. We can help promote your practice/business/product through website development/SEO/social media marketing. Helping clients market themselves and their business through many different digital avenues.

CTW-productsWe are business developer. We have an expert team with the knowledge of each market areas. They are involved in making a market visibility studies for our clients. Based on our research, we catch the understanding of the best marketing technics for each product. Each product has different marketing Technics and strategies needed to help increase sales.


CTW Consulting & Marketing

CTW Consulting & Marketing that can help promote your practice, your product, and increase your patient or client base in multi-levels of marketing. If you are a new physician or dentist looking for patients, we provide the bridge you need between networks of other specialist working together for the same goal, patient care! CTW Consulting & Marketing are not your conventional marketing company; We provide an “outside of the box” approach that looks at all aspect of marketing from conventional word of mouth to mobile applications to retain your patient/customer base. Strategically, we designed a customer based mobile application with an excellent interactive design for all your customers. This helps to maintain a real-time communication with its clients.

This system is important to us to maintain the good health status of your patients as well. By so doing, we maintain a form of electronic health systems. This system allows a client to communicate with his or her physician so as to be given a prompt medical directive. Our business is to provide an opportunity that will allow communications between you and your patient or clients. Thus, this system retains your customer base.

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